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My Predator & Rodent Proof Coop

I was so sick of feeding rodents and losing birds to predators that I final got serious!
By AprilDrake · May 30, 2017 · Updated Jun 2, 2017 · ·
  1. AprilDrake
    I was so sick of feeding rodents and losing birds to predators that I final got serious!

    I trenched 8" around the perimeter and buried the hardware cloth.

    I also wanted to see my girls from the house and watch me daughter interact with them. She basically lives with them.

    They don't like the swings but I'm hoping they warm up to them. If not I'll just convert them to roosts.

    Some specs:
    • Coop is 6x6x6.
    • Run is 2 sections, 8x8x3.2 and 6x8x2.5
    • Sand for coop floor/litter
    • 6 nesting boxes, one 5 tier roosting ladder
    • Swings and roosts in run
    • Total cost approx $800

    I install the automatic water system next weekend!

    I also will convert my daughter's "sitting area" inside the coop to a "maternity ward" when I get a broody hen. I can't wait for that actually!

    18813330_10155371720666810_5688465353521762414_n.jpg 18921979_10155371720576810_4909692494594552892_n.jpg 20170524_184809.jpg 20170524_184803.jpg 20170524_185513.jpg 20170524_173901.jpg

    A few pics of the constructions:

    18839429_10155371577106810_6854565331413641369_o.jpg 20170521_204330.jpg 20170521_064328.jpg 18447081_10155293072661810_5019312988031390262_n.jpg 18423713_10155293072501810_200024413112166905_n.jpg

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  1. sumi
    "Would've loved more pics of build!"
    2/5, 2 out of 5, reviewed Jul 9, 2018


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  1. Whittni
    Nice job. FYI there are a few grammar and spelling mistakes in this article.
  2. getaclue

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