Miss Ariel is my first baby. She is a Rhode Island Red we named Ariel for her beautiful red coloring. When I step outside she's always the first to greet me, but never wants to be picked up.

Miss Belle, our Barred Rock, is the third lady to join us. She's my little lap chicken, jumping up on me for her daily pets. As a matter of fact, she got mad at me for putting her down to take this picture!

Miss Cinderella is the youngest of the bunch, our 7th chicken. She's a Silver Laced Wyandotte. She doesn't show much personality now since she spends most of her time staying away from the big girls who want to peck at her.

Our Black Star, "Jazzie" as we like to call her, never developed her comb but yet lays the biggest eggs! She was the second to make up our flock.

I wasn't supposed to keep Miss Snow White, an Easter Egger. I was supposed to find her a new home after taking her in from my daughter's teacher who used her in the classroom to show the kids. She was just way to sweet and beautiful to give away, so she became our 6th addition.

Miss Sofia is an Easter Egger that I just had to have. She and her sister (below) are the only chicks I've had since one-day-old and were the 4th and 5th added to the flock.

Miss Tiana (Easter Egger) is always the second one to greet me, right behind Ariel. As a chick she was skittish and hated to be held, but I was determined to work on her and now she loves it when I pick her up!