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My Rooster Eddy!

  1. roostersandhens
    Eddy is an Americauna rooster! He is the sweetest little boy! He treats his girls like each one is a princess! My other rooster, not so much.
    He loves to sit on the fence :)
    He is a great rooster!

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  1. roostersandhens
  2. chickenbusiness
  3. ldyshrk
  5. Shabana
    Congrats what a handsome chappy !!
  6. ChickenLover200
  7. Aaisha
    i wish my page would be chicken picture of the week..
  8. Trina Bambina
    I too have an Eddy look a-like...wondering if he would be willing to give my Jasper a few tips on how to take care of his ladies and treat them right? I know part of it he is young (he is only 5 months old), but really...he better shape up soon!!
  9. costello
    That middle photo looks exactly like my rooster!
  10. Nutcase
    Great rooster!

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