My Roosters and Chickens are Growing:We should have eggs soon!

    My roosters were 7 months old when we got them in January and my chickens were four months old. They're growing vigorously. We got the chickens in February. I'm figuring it shouldn't be long before we have eggs and I'll never have to buy eggs again. Along with my eggs, I will have other little chicks to soon I'm hoping! We have had to separate the roosters. Their brothers and they seemed to be getting along fine for a while but, the one rooster is so protective over the chickens or his flock he wouldn't let the other one eat. We've had to separate them. I'm feeling bad because the other rooster is in a smaller area so here in Whitley City, Ky. I believe we're going to gift someone else with the blessing of a rooster! A lady gave them to my husband both at the same time but, I don't think we really need two roosters. I can't give him away maybe we'll have to put him in another open area with a few chickens and he can have his own flock. I'm not sure if it's wise to do this though so I'll have t research it on here and find out. I'm grateful for this website because I can come here for anything I need to know! And thanks for all of you that share here! Our life with chickens seemed to be moving right along!

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