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By ChickenGrass · Jan 3, 2016 · Updated Jan 10, 2016 · ·
  1. ChickenGrass
    hi all,
    This is my collection of roosters and a hen or two!
    His name is mighty his name is mighty because he is not mighty at al lol
    He is one of the friendliest roosters I have ever owned
    This is buffy,it is quite obvious why his name is buffy....he's a buff Orpington
    This is rocky,he is my newest rooster edition,he has his flock of cream legbar hens.
    This is walnut,i couldent think of a name when I got him,but then I thought of a silkie comb,
    And there the name came into my head 'Walnut'
    Here is little miss,she has a lot of different characteristics,she loves having the attention at
    The chicken shows.
    Rocky and his young cream legbar hens
    Rocky enjoying the sunshine![​IMG]
    Young cream legbar hen with no name enjoying the sunshine too!

    I hope you enjoyed my collection of a few pictures of my hens and roosters,
    Thanks for looking

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  1. ChickenGrass
    Thanks everyone
  2. dekel18042
    Thanks for sharing your photos. I think Mighty is adorable.
  3. TwoCrows
    Your boys are gorgeous!
  4. ChickenGrass
    Thanks NorthFLChick
  5. N F C
    Pretty birds, thanks for sharing the pictures!

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