My Sebastopol geese

By NEgoosegirl · Jul 21, 2016 ·
  1. NEgoosegirl
    Costi and Jena have been such a fun experience for me. They arrived at the beginning of June, 2014 -- a birthday gift from my parents and sister -- from Murray McMurray hatchery. I had been a chicken girl since age 6, but I've now converted to the world of waterfowl. My pair of Sebastopols do a great job of keeping themselves clean, even when their only "bath tub" is their water bucket, and their clumsy curiosity makes for great entertainment! They think I'm "Mother Goose" and will often follow me when they are allowed out of their pen. Running across the lawn after me with their wings spread out is a fun thing for them. (They can't fly at all.) And, although they refuse to eat bread -- ? -- they adore lettuce and watermelon, and more than anything else: dandelion greens! They love to splash in their kiddie pools, sometimes gracefully, sometimes not so gracefully.

    Just arrived!
    Baby Costi (my gander)
    Somewhere between a few weeks and a month old.
    At about 2 months old. Note the juvenile gray that Jena has -- she's in the water.

    Near Christmas, 2014 (going on 7 months old)

    At nesting season, March, 2015.
    One of Jena's eggs next to a small, green chicken egg (Easter Egger)
    August, 2015. Jena & Costi, left to right.
    Just moved into their new shed: January, 2016
    Jena's nest, March, 2016. Sadly, none of them hatched.

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  1. Whittni
  2. TrueStockFarms
    So cool! I hope to have a pair of Sebastopol some day!
  3. NEgoosegirl
    Thank you all for your kind comments! :)
  4. lcertuche
    So regal looking!
  5. lcertuche
  6. Yorkshire Coop
    What a lovely page and pics!! Congrats on POW :)
  7. pattyhen
    They are beautiful.

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