My Serama
It took me a lot of serama eggs to get one, 12 to be eggsact, and I got the little yellow guy. He was lonely so I went back to my serama egg connection and she happened to have a couple hatch under a broody, so my little yellow guy was no longer lonely. What I ended up with were two little boys and one little girl.
Of the three, I chose a pair, because you can't have two roos and one hen!
Meet the Chicks. Molly, Rohaus and Pasta.

Watching them grow, I had to make a decision. Hoping of course for two pullets and one boy, but soon it became apparent that I would have to decide between two boys.
You see that lopperdop?!
Another Lopperdop!
And No Lopperdop! Yay!
It was decided that the best pair would be Molly and Rohaus. Pasta went on to be with another Serama fancier and currently we're looking for another couple of hens for Rohaus.