My Silkie Chicken Flock

By Shayna · Jan 11, 2012 · Updated Jan 11, 2012 · ·
  1. Shayna
    Meet my silkie chickens. There are a few black silkies, and the rest are paint. There are three showgirls. I have three roosters in with my ladies, one of them is a paint showgirl. They all enjoy spending their days picking around at the fruit and veggie puree extract I bring them from our juicer. They also love their BOSS (black oil sunflower seed), cracked corn, and safflower seed mix that they get in addition to their chicken feed. Of course grit is always available and oyster shell for those laying girls.
    They might not be able to see well with all that fluff, but they sure must here well because quiet as I am, they're always lined up at the run door when I'm coming with their goodies!
    They truly are a joy to have around.

    A couple pictures of babies hatched from the flock:

    I will add more updates later, but I think this is a good start... Feel free to leave any comments!
    You can see more pictures of the full flock on my member page and chicks on my hatch page, just follow these links:

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  1. teach1rusl
    That Christmas pic is adorable!! Love the paint coloration.
  2. Shayna
    Thank you! The spotted one in the first two pictures is one of the roosters. Also, the one in the third picture from the bottom is a rooster now, although that picture was taken back when he was young. Silkies can be very hard to tell apart!
  3. parkerpeeps7
    Beautiful birds! I've never really seen these type birds a lot so which one is the rooster, lol?
  4. Gargoyle
    Silkies are really neat!

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