Here is my Silkie and her coop. She likes hanging out with the dog. She thinks she's a dog.
Well I have very sad news. My Silkie died from Maricks diease and I am very sadden by it, as she was a wonderful chicken. I gave it some thought and gave my coop to my 10 year old grandson who shows silkies and he needed a coop for his "Lily". She was living in a cage in between shows. So now she has her very "own" coop all for herself and I hear she's LOVEING it! So I am chicken-less for now, but will in the future revamp my backyard to make a better place for new chickens. But I still love the Backyard chickens forum and will log on as much as I can to get my chicken fix :)

36252_silkie.jpg 36252_7-2-09_070.jpg 36252_chick_coop_002.jpg