So it was the day before I would get my first chicks ever, and I couldn't wait. My dad had just constructed the first chicken coop which was more like a rabbit hutch or a brooder. Anyways he got me a back of leftover woodchippings, which would use for the bedding. My grandma got me everything else which is, a feeder/waterer, chick starter, and last but no least a red heat lamp. The next day of course was school and I couldn't wait so I ( i'm not proud to admit it) played sick and went home. So when I was picked up I went home and after a few hours we went to get the chicks.
We went to shiptons and I took ahwhile to pick out 3 chicks to take home. There wasn't so many breeds but I knew what to get. We got a guy to come help us and I picked. First I pointed to the Rhode Island Red area and got one of those, Next I pointed to the Buff Brahama Bantam area and got one of those, Finally was the Golden Laced Bantam and I got one of those. When I got home I put them in their brooder and watched as they adjusted to their surroundings.

7 months later I find out the rhode island red was a hen and the other two roosters. But even though they were oppisites They got along well and love eachother.
Now heres some exciting news I'm expecting a new chick on the 30th. One of pumpkins ( thats the rhode isand red) own eggs and her first time.
heres the flock.

Dandelion- The top chicken

Goldie- The shy

Pumpkin- The hungry lol. Sorry for the bad photo

Together Forever!