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  1. MsBagawkbagawk
    I guess I'll have to start my story with my home region:

    I live in the beautiful Flint Hills of Kansas. My family has been here since 1856, when my great great great grandfather followed a wagon train out here from Maryland at the age of 19. But more on him later. [​IMG]


    This is part of the land at our family's ranch. This was taken in April, when every year, the pastures are burnt, so that the grass can grow again. This creates a wonderful place to graze cattle, like my family's Red Angus seen here:





    My Family

    My great great great grandfather was David Sauble. He was born in Maryland on November 30, 1837, and only 19 when he made the decision to come to Kansas. His mother sent him to town (Baltimore) with a gold coin to buy sugar, so that she could make jelly. He saddled up his Morgan horse and set off. Along the way he met his good friend, Pete Hoover. As they rode to town they made the decision that would change their lives forever, to follow a wagon train west.

    David Sauble:


    His journal only has one entry:

    Come to Kansas 1856
    From Hanover Md.
    When 19---all alone

    That's all for now, but I'll add more on David's journey, descendants, and tragic death soon.
    Oops, I wrote it all up but I guess it didn't go through........oh well, some other time.

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    They are so beautiful!
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