My stuff for swaps

By GableBabble · Feb 23, 2012 · Updated Apr 24, 2013 · ·
  1. GableBabble
    WYGS Items

    PDF Books on Making new chicken colors 3 books total. One per swap.

    Choose anything up to 10.00 from this site:

    or 10.00 PP to be paid on Fridays

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  1. Bettacreek
    Would you be interested in a swap of soap for the sewing machine cutter?
  2. GableBabble
    Thank you. I really do not have the eyes or steady hands for it anymore. Wish I did, I love working with leather.
  3. crossgirl
    Wow, you're very talented! Great stuff.
  4. meepitqueenie
    what kinds of xbox games and pc games do you have? pm me :)
  5. GableBabble
  6. MNShepherdess
    Looks great, but I would separate your "special" swap out of the regular swaps and into it's own little section on this page. We usually call them "Side Swaps" Like, I have a 4 gb Ipod in my side swap section. That way no one gets confused and wants to claim that for a regular swap :)

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