My Sweet Flock

By ADavid · Jun 23, 2014 · ·
  1. ADavid
    We are brand new to chicken in we got 12 chicks for Easter two months ago for our 3 children! But its ME who has fallen in love with them and can't get enough "chicken info". We have 6 red pullets and 6 Ameraucanas (according to the feed store) but after reading online, I'm inclined to think they are Easter Eggers. We can't have roosters in our neighborhood and I think 3 of our Ameraucana's are roosters and will have to be given away. My wonderful husband built the most amazing coop...he's so talented! The chicks are only about 12 weeks old, but there seem to be some tell tale signs of some roosters. They have Really red, big combs and they are a bit bigger than the ones we think are hens. Thankfully we have found a friend with a farm who is willing to take our Roos. But there's a part of me that is hoping they might turn out to be hens after all. Probably wishful thinking. I'm DYING fo them to start laying. I can't wait!!! [​IMG]

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