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By mrskenmore · Jan 14, 2015 · ·
  1. mrskenmore
    I finally convinced my husband this past spring that getting chickens would be a good idea, luckily for me- 8 months later and he agrees :) We started off with a trip to the feed store in search of the perfect chicks. We wound up with a black sex link, a barred rock and an EE. They are the most amazing hens ever.

    Here is their first photo shoot (of many to come) when we brought them home back in May. Their names are Madame Curie, Jolene and Arianna Huffington (Can you guess which one I named and which ones my husband named?!)

    They have since grown into the most beautiful girls ever and over the weekend with the first dusting of snow I decided to document their beauty in another photo shoot.

    Here are (L-R) Madame Curie, Arianna Huffington and Jolene (Arianna Huffington and Jolene are besties)
    Madame Curie (I can't help but think that she looks like a tea kettle cozy here!)
    Madame Curie and Arianna Huffington frozen in the snow all fluffy and puffy

    Madame Curie is our sweet, curious and smart hen, but has that real mad scientist unkemptness about her which I love. She is a real mush and lets me treat her like the cat I can't get the hubby to agree on. Arianna Huffington lived up to her name, a slight,beautiful girl that does anything and everything perfectly while looking good doing it. Jolene is our chatty cathy, she is the first to greet you, the first to tell you about her day and the first to ask you what you are doing in the coop and why. I couldn't imagine a better set of girls to live alongside of!

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  1. mrskenmore
    Thank you!!
  2. rachelisneat
    Awesome pictures! I love to see someone with a small flock and a blend of breeds. We have 8 girls, 5 breeds; I'm glad yours have been such good friends, and I'll echo, what beautiful girls!
  3. mrskenmore
    thank you!!
  4. crazyfeathers
    Very healthy looking and beautiful birds.
  5. Acornewell
    Beautiful Girls!!!

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