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My Three Wonderful Girls

  1. SaraLee72345
    I am a new (and proud!) owner of three little chicks. They are so full of personality and love that I can hardly contain my joy! All three are females and I hope to get good eggs from them some months from now.
    Above is Pecksie. She is the wildest and rowdiest of the bunch. She likes to take charge! She is sort of bossy and loud though. She is a silver-laced Wyandotte, and I think she is just beautiful!
    Next is Cluckles. She is a buff Orpington and she is the largest of my babies. She tries to keep the peace and keep the Pecksie in check. I like to think of her as Queen of the roost! That being said, she is a kind and gentle queen who loves cuddle times.
    Last but not least is little Aurora. She is the smallest and sweetest of the bunch. She is an Easter Egger. She is one week younger than the other two and she tends to get picked on and pushed around. She is quieter than the others and she likes to be held close to your chest so she can be warm. She is my sweet little baby.

    Well that is all for now! I hope to update their page in the future, so stay tuned!

    UPDATE 1!
    My first update! The chicks are growing like weeds!

    Pecksie got her wattles and we are hoping she isn't a boy. She is being more of a little rascal than ever. She likes to run full speed like crazy around the brooder! Her comb is also turning deep pink, which again has us worried.

    Cluckles is continuing to be the biggest of the three. You can't see it in this picture, but she is feathering out on her head! She is turning into a fluff ball of an Orpington with her abundant feathers.

    Aurora is learning bad habits from Pecksie. She has also reached the awkward dinosaur stage. She is still the sweetest and most docile of the group.

    Update 2
    I am seeing amazing growth in my little flock! They have grown from little balls of fluff into miniature chickens!
    Pecksie is getting the silver laced part of silver laced Wyandotte. Her wattles have stopped growing, which gives us new hope that she might be a girl.

    Cluckles barely has any fluff left on her head. She is also getting HUGE, so I think she will be a big bird when she grows up!

    Aurora is getting to be a tough little bugger and doesn't get pushed around as much anymore. She is starting to resist cuddles more and more and is not as sweet as she used to be.

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  1. SaraLee72345
    No, I got them from Orschelin's farm supply.
  2. Heidiart
    Love your girls! They are my picks for our new bunch, when the coop is ready. Love the idea of all their pretty colors. Anxious to see temperaments and eggs! Did you mail order?

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