My Tractor Style A Frame

By dbbd1 · Jul 15, 2012 · ·
  1. dbbd1

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  1. Evanscj7
    Nice job on the coop.
  2. BGeezie
    Looks good! Can you give more details about the wheel system? ie: materials and how its attached. Thanks! :)
  3. MJFarm12
    Is the pull string on the outside to raise and lower the ladder?
  4. Dee Dee 2
    WOW ! What a great job ! Looks fabulous. Love the wheels.
  5. Kansas Prairie
    Great Chicken Tractor! Looks amazing! How do you vent the coop area at night?
  6. JessicaEm
    Very nice! Classy.
  7. ChickensAreSweet
    That is absolutely gorgeous!!! I LOVE the wheels. The only thing I would add is just a few ventilation holes in the coop section so on hot nights the air won't get stuffy. Or maybe you already have ventilation along the roof line.
    You obviously put a lot of effort into making that masterpiece!

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