My beautiful birds!! I honestly never really liked birds, other than watching flight birds outside... and I certainly never would have guessed that I would become so attached to ANY bird! Then came Meeper, my first turkey. Meeper was brought to me inside a cats mouth! A stray brought him, with a little gash on his back, beneath a wing, and no more than a week old. I kept him warm, used the internet to indentify him as a poult, and began my research into the wonderful world of owning turkeys! Named "Meeper" for the noises he made, he grew into a beautiful jake and stole my heart. I can't begin to describe the bond we shared, raising him inside the house and being the only flock he knew until I could build him a home outside and find him friends. But I have been a certified turkey-lover ever since!! lol


I will post more photos soon! Photos of Meeper as a beautiful jake, and my other two turkeys (Royal Palm Tom and Slate BlueXRed Burboun Hen!)