My Urban Chicken Project

By WaterFowl209 · Aug 3, 2012 · Updated Aug 3, 2012 · ·
  1. WaterFowl209
    I will share details from beginning to final project outcome here, this will be just like a blog and as the journey grows so shall this.

    Aug,03,2012 well about a month ago I was googling and you tubing and got interested in poultry so from then on I been trying to learn as much as I can about the whole chicken farming, so first off I made me a incubator after watching/reading a few different kinds of tutorials on the subject and now I am in mid process of incubating some eggs that I got.
    After I got my incubator made I went on eBay to see if they sold fertile eggs and sure enough there were lots of auctions for eggs so I ended up getting some pheasant and some A Serama as well as some Japanese bantam eggs and once received I placed them in my incubator to start the hatching process.
    Since then I have also made a basic but still a pretty nice Brooder for the chicks.

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  1. aoxa
    Awesome Would love to see some pictures of your brooder!!

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