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By jeremyhodges · Oct 27, 2013 · ·
  1. jeremyhodges
    I'd like to proudly introduce my small San Diego flock of chickens. This is the first time I have owned chickens and am already finding that I'm a bit obsessed. Thank you to everyone who has answered the various questions I have asked on forums. My girls are all 13 weeks old and just starting to look like full grown chickens. Their voices have all changed and I think I've figured out their pecking order. The chicks were ordered from Meyer Hatchery and My Pet Chicken (which, as it turns out, is just a middle man for Meyer Hatchery so they all came from the same place).
    This is Blanche, my Blue Splash Silkie. I ordered two Blue Silkies, and neither of them came out blue. She's such a fun bird to watch…she seems like a muppet.


    [​IMG] Got to love the silkie butt!

    This is Rose, my Easter Egger. I was expecting my Easter Egger to come mottled with various colors like all of the other pictures I've seen of them, but Rose came out solid cream colored. She's probably the friendliest of my birds.


    This is Coco Montrese (named after a sassy black drag queen on Ru Paul's Drag Race). She is a Black Copper Maran, and I can't wait to see her dark brown eggs. This is the queen bee when it comes to my little flock. Everyone gives way to her. She totally lives up to her name.


    This is Sophia, my Blue Ameraucana. She is a purebred Ameraucana, and I think she is the prettiest girl in my flock. I love the ombre of her gray feathers.


    And finally this is my little runt, Dorothy. She was a Blue Silkie who came out black, and though I love her dearly, she's always looking a bit mangy and disheveled!!

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  1. SonSet Farm
    Love your flock! Congrats!!
  2. Sandywitch
    That's a lovely flock! I can't wait until hubby retires so I can get started! I keep surfing the net for more hen houses to look at and reading up on chicken breeds. It'll be hard to pick which two hens to start out with. While I've lived in SC Kentucky there hasn't been much snow, but this year I hear we're supposed to get more. It's supposed to be colder, too. I'm not sure how much insulating I can talk hubby into. I know! Once I have my birds, I'll tell him if it's too cold in the hen house, our house will become the hen house! That ought to do it! LOL!!!!
  3. scampisi
    Beautiful pullets! I'd love an all white easter egger, she's a pretty girl. The Blue Ameraucana
    is gorgeous--love you flock!!!!! Delicious eggs coming your way. ; )
  4. sezjasper
    I love your flock and your descriptions of each of them! I also have a pure white Easter Egger...her name is Bunny and she lays green eggs.
  5. Aaisha
    you've got lovely birds! i love 'em !!!!!! so beautiful flock you've got there!
    that right, silkie buts are cute!!
  6. peartreehens
    I'd love to see how dark Coco's eggs are! Don't forget to show us!
  7. Etakeh
    I'm so glad to see that I'm not the only one who names creatively. My cuckoo maran is named Sonny - after the Cuckoo for Coco Puffs bird.
  8. cknnewbie
    Great flock! I love the variety you have. They're a colorful, cheerful group.
  9. chickenpooplady
    Rose is beautiful! Congrats on Picture of the Week!
  10. daisydo
    Beautiful babies! They're so much fun aren't they? I'm a bit obsessed with mine too! I have 7, 6 are the same age as yours...
  11. Shabana
    Congrats ! Lovely flock I can see the maran is queen bee, she's got that majestic look about her
  12. Wyandottes7
    You have some beautiful birds!
  13. jeremyhodges
    The white bird is an easter egger, not an ameraucana. The cream color is more rare, usually (because their kind of the mutts of the chicken world) they are colored, but I've seen a few people that have the solid color like I do. She should lay colored eggs like an other easter egger. I'll won't know until around Christmas, when she's due to lay.
  14. Mr MKK FARMS
    Congratulations! :)
  15. Lillahimed
    I have seen pure white Ameraucanas, she could possibly be a pure or a cross :)
  16. keepmumsane
    Lovely, silkies are a riot in a very small bossy package. Obssession is normal round here
  17. Sam3 Abq
    Nice girls - like the variety. Our 1st flock in the spring of 2014 will have 7 different hens. Will your white EE lay colored eggs ? Never seen them pure white like that either.
  18. BYC Project Manager
    Congratulations, we've chosen one of your chicken pics for the Chicken Picture Of the Week. Thanks for posting your chickens to our "My Chickens" pages! You can find more info about our POW here: BYC POW process
  19. chickenboy190
    Awesome! Love all the chickens! :~D
  20. hotlantachicken
    You have a beautiful flock!

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