My wife calls it the "Tash-ma-coop".

By Slwagner73 · May 18, 2014 · Updated May 18, 2014 · ·
  1. Slwagner73
    I call it a huge expense.

    After loosing a flock, we decided to build a better coop, so I, being the 'genius' I am, looked around this site, and found some ideas we could agree on.

    At which point, I stole, plagiarized, borrowed ideas, and came up with this.


    I like the design, but it is turning out to be more costly than I expected.

    And I'm far from done. I got the outside painted before winter, but missed a 1/2 gap in the wire at the window. Went to let the ladies out, and found seven headless bodies. (Read, wife crying in hysterics, here).

    So, more work over the winter, I.e. Heating, lighting, trying to design a decent door opener, and our new flock of wyandotte hens are growing up nicely in it.


    And yes, the grandson thinks it's great fun to share his toys with them.

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  1. 2karen22
    A year has passed by... any problems. We are starting our new coop and run. Very similar to yours. Love it.
  2. Slwagner73
    It is now the Taj Mahal/Fort Knox Coop! No way a weasel or anything bigger than a very small snake can get in! Even have concrete blocks set about a foot down in the soil.
  3. DeGarmom
  4. Mountain Peeps

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