My Wisconsin Flock

  1. oldhenlikesdogs
    Some of my buff Orpingtons, including 2 roosters, hanging out under the old truck


    One of my bantam frizzle Cochin, and a splash hen.

    My blue Columbian bantam cochin rooster, and a Cochin d'uccle mix hen.

    My 2 year old barnevelder rooster, he lost his comb points to frostbite, but is still handsome.

    A 4 month old rooster, silver laced Wyandotte and buff Orpington mix.

    My one year old, oddly fuzzy feathered bourbon red tom turkey.

    A 5 year old blue mottled tom turkey.

    My 6 year old blue slate tom.

    My 6 year old black mottled tom.

    My first batch of turkeys, the toms doing what toms do best.

    The late, great Mr. Marshmallow, a bantam cochin frizzle.

    Mottled Cochin bantams and brahma bantam under a year.

    Another one of my frizzle cochins when they were younger.



    A few of the girls.


    Some of this years kids.

    Poults and chicks

    Photo bomber.

    A year old sweetgrass tom.

    One of my buff laced polish hens during the molt, and before her crest haircut.

    A 4 month old barred rock rooster.

    A gold laced Wyandotte rooster, 4 months, with 2 pullets.

    Year old bantam cochin roosters, mottled.

    2 year old buff Orpington rooster, missing a few tail feathers during the molt but still a looker.

    Betty the australorp.

    Another of my frizzle hen and a young porcelain d'uccle rooster.

    A barred rock rooster and a goat.


    A few more of my tom turkeys.

    My young lavender tom.

    A young gold laced Wyandotte rooster.


    The goats who share space with my chickens.


    101_1967 (2017-07-12T17_28_12.566).jpg


    Pickles a mini lop doe
    Pokey lionhead doe
    Mr Peabody my mini lop buck
    Spook my lionhead buck

    Chocolate Orpington pullet


    Salmon faverolle and la mancha goat


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  1. bugzziee
    r these all urs? what a beautiful family!
    1. oldhenlikesdogs
      Them and more, I have about 97 chickens, 19 turkeys, and 7 muscovy ducks amongst other critters. Thank you
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  2. Cellomama2
    I am very jealous. These are all so pretty.
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  3. Miss Lydia
    What a gorgeous group of birds and animals. :love
      oldhenlikesdogs likes this.
    1. oldhenlikesdogs
      Thank you so much.
  4. The Angry Hen
    What a beautiful collection you have there! And oh my, I love the goat and Faverolle!! So cute!
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    1. oldhenlikesdogs
      Thank you.
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    2. The Angry Hen
      You are welcome!
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  5. SunHwaKwon
    You need to add pics of the bunnies!
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    1. oldhenlikesdogs
      I will, thanks
  6. Abriana
    What a beautiful flock! Do tom turkeys fight at all? Do you keep them all together with no hens or with hens? Love the frizzles. :)
      oldhenlikesdogs likes this.
    1. oldhenlikesdogs
      The toms fight on and off all year round, nothing too serious except in the early spring. I do have turkey hens too, currently 10 adult hens, 3 toms, and 6 poults. Thank you.
  7. Linda V
    Oh, Lisa! Those BR roosters are GORGEOUS!!! I am still in awe of the enormous amounts of chickens, goats, etc., you are taking care of...they all look perfect and healthy too!!
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  8. Minnowey
    I love your flock. The mottled turkeys are stunning.
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  9. BantyChooks
    Lovely photographs, and beautiful birds.
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  10. Chickie Newbie
    What a fantastic flock. I love all the diversity!
  11. Leahs Mom
    Love the photos!
  12. elaineinspain
    What absolutely beautiful birds. And so many different breeds all together!!! Gorgeous.
      Linda V likes this.
  13. Mamachic1967
    Nice variety! Love the fluffy gals! Those turkeys have attitude :)
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  14. oldhenlikesdogs
  15. junkman56
    nice bunch of birds... I like the goat too!
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  16. Fluffers
    love mr. Marshmallow!
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  17. biophiliac
    I so enjoyed seeing your beautiful birds, Congratulations!! I am also in WI(DeForest) and i follow your posts for the excellent advice.
  18. AmberSchmieg83
    Beautiful flock. Your frizzles are totally adorable! Thanks for sharing and congrats on POW!
  19. oldhenlikesdogs
    Thanks again everyone.
  20. hashworld
    Beautiful pics. Thanks for sharing. Congrats on POW.
  21. Ballerina Bird
    Oh, my gosh, how completely adorable and charming!
  22. peastix
    Thanks for sharing. Beautiful birds.Congrats on POW!
  23. RodNTN
    You have beautiful birds!! I love your flock, congrats on POW!
  24. Whittni
  25. feistychick
    Lovely pictures - you have beautiful birds!
  26. oldhenlikesdogs
    Thank you all, and I'm so excited to get picture of the week. I'm in Central Wisconsin, near Wisconsin Rapids.
  27. miss_ellie
    Where in Wisconsin do you live? I am in Manitowoc.
  28. lovechicks1293
  29. N F C
    Beautiful birds (and photos)!
  30. Wyorp Rock
    They are all beautiful! Love the photos, thanks for sharing :)
  31. Nardo
    Nice flock and so many colours!
  32. memphis
    Beautiful flock & pictures!
  33. sumi
    Congratulations, we've chosen one of your chicken pics for the Picture Of the Week. Thanks for posting your chickens to our "My Chickens" pages! You can find more info about our POW here: BYC POW process

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