My Fine Feathered Friends Farm

It all began over a decade ago when we acquired our first chickens. A couple years later we added ducks. Just recently, in 2008, we added quail - both Chinese Painted (a.k.a. Button) and Coturnix. This hobby has been very addicting for us. We enjoyed raising them for the simple fact that they each have different personalities, just like people, and they come in a rainbow of colors.
We occassionally sell fertile hatching eggs from our own birds on our website. May even start posting some on here.

Our birds are raised as family with spacious coops, a 10'x30' fully covered pen to keep out aerial predators and a large pasture.
After raising many breeds, we have decided to breed Brahma chickens. We absolutely love these gentle giants! We also have an Easter Egger hen named Penny who was born with a cross beak (she is going to be five years old in July 2011) and a white Leghorn hen named Lucy.
As for our ducks, right now we breed snowy and gray Mallards. We also have an old white Call duck named Callie.
Last but not least, we have button quail and Coturnix quail in a few different colors.
We invite you to visit our website to view pictures of our birds.