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By MyPeeps&Me · Jan 11, 2012 ·
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    1 day-Went to the feed store, pick out 3 chickens all different breeds-Americana, Silver-Laced Wyodette, and Buff Orpington. Then the hunny wanted to get Silkies (I dont know) went to a breeder close to home, picked out 2 silkies and one Sizzle. They are all cute only wanted 4 chickens and now we have 6-heheh. The hunny is all keeping a close eye on them, he is so cute; he got up at 3:30am to check on them and the temp. The brooder we made out of a cardboard box, homemade feeder and waterer, daughters old wood tool box for perching (I know they are too young right now).
    2 Day-Keeping a close eye on them and them with the children, they want to love them alot. Thinking of names for them Ivory (White Silkie), Americana (Princess), Tawny (Grey Silkie), Sizzle (Sizzle). That is all we have for now.

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