Mystery Gals❤️

I got these little gals a couple of months ago, when I traded my ducks for these two and to RIR’s they say they were Black Buff’s. I’m relatively...
By Mrs White · Mar 4, 2018 · ·
  1. Mrs White

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    Mrs White
    I am new'er' to the chicken game, I started with ten game pullets and lost them all in the first year to a raccoon infestation. Needless to say, so did all the neighbors that year. Fast forward a couple of years, after learning about securing the coop and how to take care of predator problems I now have a blue laced red wyandotte splash rooster, one Ameracana, two Olive Eggers, a Buff Orpington, one easter egger, and a Cinnamon Queen! (Shh.. don't tell the hens I like the rooster better!!)


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      Thank you KikisGirls!! I posted it in the thread!!!

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