Mystic's Flock and Dog's

  1. MysticChickens04
    ~My Hens~

    Name: Silver
    Breed: Whiting True Blue
    Adventures: None
    Temperament: Curious, Sweet

    ~My Dogs~

    Name: Gus
    Breed: Bullmastiff
    Weight: 160ish lbs
    Temperament: Sweet, Cute, Strong, just the best :p
    Notes: He is the most adorable dog ever :3 He is so cuteeeeeee.

    For those who dont know, all my chickens got slaughtered by a fox right before Christmas. Silver is the only surviving one, My dog Scooby also died before Christmas, Tis a sad time of year for my family.

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  1. MillersFarm
    Oh i'm so sorry :hugs That's just terrible! I'll be praying you have a much better year than 2017. Silver is very beautiful and lucky :love:love
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    1. MysticChickens04
      Thank you Jamie I hope i have a better year also she is a beautiful hen :3
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  2. ChickNanny13
    :hit Sorry for your losses :hit I had to have my Mom's dog euthanized today, Vet was nice enough to come in from a day off. RIP Chiso, no more pain :hit
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    1. MysticChickens04
      Euthanizing a dog is terrible im so sorry for your loss :hugs and thank you
  3. Better Than Rubies
    Your chicken is gorgeous.
    I'm sorry you lost your other pets. :hugs
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    1. MysticChickens04
      Thank you :3
      Its fine :I
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