Living Upstate NY with Husband, about two dozen mixed chickens, 2 LaManchas baby goats, 1 duck, 2 geese, 3 dogs, 2 cats and 2 rabbits.
Very lucky to be working from home and being able to keep an eye on my Animal Kingdom and making sure that none of our residents is bothering one spiteful neighbor..
Been living at the same place for couple of d
ecades and I love my home together with every living being here.
If it only wasn’t for this grumpy neighbor, it would be heaven on earth!

We are all Chicken lovers, nevertheless I love my Goats and my Dogs!
Recently - Right on a Easter Saturday of 2011 - I acquired 10 weeks old Great Pyrenees puppy and I'm sooooo very pleased with him!
For at least three months prior to purchasing him, I was researching internet, learning all about Livestock Guardian Dogs.
Considering the purpose, this dog suppose to serve - I knew I cannot buy a dog from a breeder.
Why? Because most breeders don't have chickens, goats, cats and many of other animals, that a farmer have.
So....I was looking for a dog that was born on a farm, where they have similar animals to my.
I wanted him especially to be good with chickens, good with my smaller dogs and of course harmless to children!
My desire was to find a balance between a pet and a lifestock guardian.
This pup exceeded my expectations!
On a very second day, this pup got right on a job! All by him self!

We named him Meeshoo - meaning Bear.

And here is a Movie I made it last week:

These pictures were taken on a 2-nd day this pup was in my Household.
I made them through window screen:



Before I get over-board with prizing my Pyrenees, I want to tell you, that I'm all for Adopted/Rescued animals!
With my utmost sincerity, I want to help them!
My other dogs are adopted. One of my oldest (adopted) dog died last year at the age of 18.....
I also financialy support Animal Rescue, whenever I can....

However, in this particular situation, puppy was the most sensible choice, considering what I want to use him for.
His job here is to GUARD and NOT eat what he is guarding!
Having young dog is giving me a better chance to train him accordingly to my needs.
I knew, that older dogs already have habits, which usualy are hard (or impossible) to change.
So far, I didn't teach him anything - he just knows!

I was told by one of my friends; "this kind of dog will eat you"....LOL....
Years ago, I had German Shepherd/mix who wanted to eat my daughter (I had to put him to sleep).
But this darling is very far from eating us! He is so calm, gentle and laid back.... a soft teddy bear!
Look how children are bothering him and he is not reacting at all:


He does have a "Double Dew" - a strong one, not floppy one :)
That suppose to be a "trademark" of true Pyr.
Picture on Seperate Page.

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