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  1. Loc20chick

    I started by getting 6 chicks before the coop last year [​IMG], was easier to get Hubby accustomed to the idea that way. Then I built a hoop coop when they outgrew the plastic tub & I had gotten more chicks due to visits to farmers stores too often. We ended up buying an already made coop (4'X6'X6') as neither of us had ever done construction and hubby wasn't quite ready to undertake the job.

    This year, I got caught up hatching and have ended up with too many chickens for the previous coop. Hubby is finally into chickens and has been building this coop with the help of friends.

    It's 8'X 10'X 6' in the front and 8'X10'X 5' at the back to give the roof a slant.
    We used scrap wood given by neighbor from his deck repair, metal roof left over from the garage building found in the garage when we bought the house, plywood from the resale store, we also had to buy some new plywood and lumber since the scraps we had and got from resale store were not enough.
    We chose a site a bit far from the main house and the area has better drainage than the current place where the coop is. Also this side has no neighbors.
    One of the issues we had with the ready made coop was ventilation during winter so for this one the open area above the windows will provide ventilation throughout the seasons, there is another window similar to this one on the opposite side for air flow
    Construction continues,Nest boxes. [​IMG]

    The inside of the coop is divided into two areas with chicken wire so I can separate breeds when needed and also when integrating young chickens to older ones.

    Work has been ongoing slowly, here are some pictures of the inside.

    The two pictures above shows the two compartments inside the coop, we used an underlayment to help absorb moisture then stapled the bargain vinyl flooring.

    Next the roosts are up and young chickens already moved in one side

    [​IMG]The food will hand on a hook from the roof, I don't have a pic of that and the water will be elevated on a block to prevent shaving from getting in.

    Still to be done is the run outside. We plan on at least 10ft by 16ft or more.

    UPDATE The coop is all finished chickens have been laying well. 1. We put in automatic doors mainly because of days we are not home. [​IMG] 2. We also put electricity to defrost water during winter, I have a cookie tin water heater and also a bird bath wamer both work well [​IMG] 3. Automatic waterer [​IMG] [​IMG] [​IMG] Forgot to take a picture of the run today, thought I already posted one. Will update.

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  1. Loc20chick
    @Intheswamp Thanks. Just updated a few pictures, Will post one of the run..
  2. Intheswamp
    Got any updated pictures? Nice job on your coop!
  3. Loc20chick
    Thanks...Still a work in progress.
  4. Chipper Chicken
    Looking good!

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