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Nahaniwolfs Member Page

By NahaniWolf · Jan 11, 2012 ·
  1. NahaniWolf
    Hi every one!!!!!!!!! I am 12 years old and love the outdoors and reading! I have 24 New Hampshire reds out of wich are 12 Butchering roos and 1 roo for keeping and 11 hens for laying. I have a horse (Nala) and a Golden rietriever Puppy who is 7 months old (Nahani) I have one cat (kalie) a Ckocoteil (Earl) and a lot of fish. I live in Northern WI and was a Zombie bride for Halloween. I love Mashed potatoes and Gravy and Hate S. Cargo. My favorite books are New Moon from the Twilightseries and BlueStars Prophocey from the Warriors series (Reading Rocks)! Jingle Blells George Bush Smells He fell off a boat into the Mississippi River and now he's got a coldYAY!!!!!!!!!

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