:weee Ok so I needed something different and fun for my chickens and this is what I came up with! Its made out of recycled pallets, and materials, except the bamboo fencing which was $20. Its not done, I want to add bamboo details and other fund stuff and I need to add more palm fronds to the top, but I thought I would share with you all! Keep in mind, I live in the desert, theres maybe 5 days a year it would even try to get a couple degrees below freezing at night, its rains maybe once every two months, so I wanted something with good ventilation because 115 degree summers were more of a concern for me. I live in the city and theres a 6 foot block wall fence around my property, theres no coons or really other predators that can get in my yard so I didn't have to worry about that. The low humidity dries the poo out so that I can just sweep it out of the roost area too. So this coop that wouldn't be appropriate for others, works great for me.:celebrate BTW,I am so not a carpenter, but its mostly square and sturdy too. ;0) (The pallet will be moved eventually) DSCF3336.jpg Inside the second story roosting area DSCF3337.jpg The other side, the bar sticking out will be where I hang water DSCF3339.jpg This is my $30 (all new materials) A frame coop. Right now it houses the babies, but when they get bigger they will go live with the big girls in the Tiki Room and this will be for my banties. (excuse the mess, I haven't had time to clean since the last rainstorm blew junk in it.) DSCF3340.jpg