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Nambroths Member Page

  1. Nambroth
    Hi there!

    My name is Jennifer Miller-- though force of habit has me signed up as "Nambroth", a psudonym I've had since I started using the internet in 1996!
    I live in the beautiful foothills of Western NY state on ~14 acres (most of which is swampy).
    I'm a professional artist and complete bird nut. I share my home with two pionus parrots, three cockatiels, two cut-throat finches, and now... chickens!
    If you want to see my wildlife and fantasy paintings, you are welcome to visit my website: Featherdust Studios

    Here is my little backyard flock. My chickens are pets and I adore them a great deal. All of my chickens are hatchery birds and are by no means perfect examples of their breed.
    Hatch date: 4/9/2011

    The coop and part of the run! Yes, that's hot wire... yes, we have bears...

    The Crew:


    Gullincambe, our 'accidental' Partridge Rock Cockerel.

    Chickadee, our very smart and friendly Barred Rock:

    Moa, our other Barred Rock. We affectionally call her the "Big Stink":

    Lorp, our uncreatively named Black Australorp. She is a "Diva Chicken".

    Kua, the most expensive chicken! She broke her beak when she was younger and cost us a bundle at the vet. All healed up now! A red sex link:

    Coho, the whiny but sweet Salmon Faverolles:

    And Derperella, the chick that almost died 5 times and grew up to be a runty mess! She is so super sweet but is a basketcase, truly. She is supposed to be a Salmon Faverolles:


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  1. TheCuteOrpington
    You take such good pictures! Excellent article!

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