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    Name that Chicken
    “The Queens”, Pennsyaltucky, Elsa, Johnny and June are just a few names we have given to our chickens. Once we decided on a small flock of chickens we knew with three children that not giving them names would not be an option. Though some may argue that you should not name your hens, I urge you to do so. Aside from the teaching responsibility, fresh eggs, naming your hens brings about many benefits to yourself and your family as you being your backyard farming.
    Naming your hens allows for your creativity to flourish. Try using names that are fitting to each bird and according to your taste can be fun. All those names from stories you may have read, movies watched, or children’s names you didn’t use, this is your chance to put those names to use. Deciding on which name may be just a feather color on the hen or personality trait you see in the bird. For example, our Red Sex Link is named Amy from the Dr.Who show. Amy in that show has red hair very similar to our hens feathers.
    When raising hens, there will be stories that need to be told and telling them will be much easier and fun with a name. Johnny and June our Bantam Silike pair are easy to tell stories about, especially since they are a ‘couple’ with a couple name. They had babies last summer and it was nice to have names to tell of all those happenings. ‘Oddball’ our Frizzle chicken is often living up to her name and telling about her behavior is easy when referring to her by name.
    Naming these chickens has provided a fun atmosphere for our family in regards to the chickens. We play charades sometimes and inevitably someone decides to ‘act out’ one of the hens. They all have certain personality traits so when the trait is acted out it is such fun to shout “Pablo!” instead of “the Leghorn”.
    Lastly naming a chicken may help that one family member who may not be very excited about chickens to begin with. Allowing
    that member to name their own chicken can bring a bond and perhaps a future chicken lover. Our oldest is the least excited about our flock. The last two chickens I brought home he was give the chance to name. With his favorite cartoon “Family Guy” in mind they were Allowing named “Brian and Stewey” from the characters in that show. He for a moment enjoyed those hens.
    When buying or raising your small flock I encourage you to pick names with creativity. Enjoy talking about them and allow all to get a chance to name that chicken.

    [​IMG] [​IMG] [​IMG]

    The "Queens" "Elsa" "Amy" and "Snow White"

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  1. emulrooney
    If we had that many it may be a bit tough to keep all the names known! That is nice you love your chickens like your babies. They are super fun to have, agree to not getting them all at once!
  2. PeepersMama
    I have had 58 chickens total, and can still remember all of their names! People are always like, "How do you tell the white ones apart!?!" Weeeell.... Don't get them all at once, and love them like you would love your kids. Since I don't have kids, I consider my chickens my babies :)
  3. Chicken Girl1
    Great article!

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