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By Nannonshae · Jan 11, 2012 ·
  1. Nannonshae
    Hi! My name is Shannon, I live on a hobby farm in the woods. I owne chickens, ducks, horses, and rabbits. I have one roo, and five hen chickens. I also have 7 ducks. My chickens are golden comets, we raised them with 4 mallards, which one of the the ducks died later on. once we let them out side, the ducks wouldn't go out in to a big pond near their coop, so we(familey) had to herd them into the pond! We had to stand out in the yard for the ducks to swim in it. If we left, they would. Soon the chickens began to wade in the water eating frogs and minnows!
    Our hens are Apples, Daphne, Jacky, Seinna, Flo (five months) Lilly, Daisy, Nora, (2-3 Months)
    The rooster is Klondike (also five months old)
    Three mallards, Icky, And two drakes Quazzy(mate of Chloe), and Quackers (the mate Of Icky)
    And Three Cyugas, Dom(drake) Bugz, and Chloe.

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