Narragansett Turkeys

By turkey9 · Dec 12, 2012 · ·
  1. turkey9
    Describe 'NARRAGANSETT TURKEY'S' here

    One of the best breeds of turkey's to have around. The beautiful rare, multicolored, really a medium-size
    bird to raise. They are great around the great-grand children, as will as our English Springer Spaniel.
    They are one of the best mother's, are very calm, and can be broody, if you let them. We have raised many different types of turkey's, these are to me the best, they are one of the few that reproduce naturally-while most other turkey's do require artificial insemination. We didn't do our home-work on the other turkey's, could not figure out why eggs, but no babies. If your going to raise turkey's, DO YOUR HOMEWORK FIRST. And "Backyard Chickens", is a wonderful place to start.
    Also, another plus, the (ALBC) American Livestock Breeds Conservatory, still have the Heritage Narragansett, listed on the "Threatened List", another reason why, we raise them. We also became
    members of the GA. N.P.I.P. #1251, for the well being of our birds, and to those who purchase them.
    Hey, we like to talk turkey, waiting......

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  1. Black Copper King
    Do you still have Turkeys for sale?

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