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Narrettas Garden Coop

By jmiester96, Nov 18, 2012 | Updated: Nov 18, 2012 | | |
  1. jmiester96

    I used 4x4's for the corner posts. These were cemented in the ground. I have dogs and I didn't want this coop moving anywhere! ;)
    Framing was done with 2x4's. The pin is about 8' wide by 6' long.

    I decided to put a 2 ft section of plywood around the bottom of the entire coop. This will give them some protection from the wind and also discourage predators or dogs from messing with them. They really seem to like the protection and they get on their perches when they want to see over it.
    I used 3 hinges for the door with a slide lock that attaches the top of the door to the top of the frame.


    The nesting boxes were a bit tricky to build. I'm not the greatest at getting angled cuts to match up perfectly but it came out great. The nesting boxes are 14''x14''. The entrance is about 12'' tall but you can see from the picture that it is taller in the back. The roof of the nesting box is angled at about 50 degrees to make sure the girls don't sit on top.

    Put in an aluminum roof to protect them from the elements and a nice coat of paint to seal the cracks and protect the wood and we were ready for our birds.



    Found our girls from a local swap. We couldn't be happier with the results of our project. It was very enjoyable!!

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  1. jmiester96
    Thanks!! Yea I live in South Louisiana. We don't really get any colder than 30 degrees and thats not very often. Good luck during the winter!
  2. PEI chicken
    Your pen looks great! It is quite open to the weather though, so you must be living in a warmer climate than me.

    I'm gearing up for winter weather and frozen water bowls. Brr! I've raked fallen leaves into my chicken pen so that they will turn it into compost by next spring. They do love to scratch through them.

    Good luck with your chickens! Hope they lay you lots of eggs.

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