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By natersmum · Jan 11, 2012 ·
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    Welcome to Natertot Bakery's Chicken Page

    4 years ago my husband and I decided to give up our lives in the fast paced city and settle down in the country. Everyone we knew kept telling us to get some chickens. I always replied, "Why would I want some stinkin old chickens?" 3 years and numerous chickies later I now know why. I LOVE chickens and I'm a chickaholic!!

    I'm pleased to introduce my babies...

    The Royal Family




    Queen Bea

    Avian Resource Director
    Keeps everyone in line and operations working smoothly.


    (sadly missed)

    Feed quality analyzer

    Advises staff location of edible products and nutritional value of said products.Samples everything within a 50 foot radius.


    Produces quality eggs on a daily basis.





    Head of Security
    Ensures safe working environment

    Prince and Princess as toddlers


    The Muse
    Companion to Prince

    For more please visit

    The Coop Deville

    Of course our beloved feathered babies had to have a great home. So we developed the cadillac of all coops complete with heat and nightlight.

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