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    A PROUD WISCONSIN BASED COMPANY..that is the ONLY manufacturer of all natural enzymes, which is free of bacteria. We have built a reputation since 1995 as the exclusive manufacturer of enzymes for the birding, water gardening and agricultural industries. Our enzyme products are environmentally friendly and 100% safe for all pets, livestock and wildlife. Currently, there isn’t anything as strong and as safe on the market as IPS-CareFree Enzymes.
    Our product lines are like no other. Each of our products fits a real need to you, our customer. Before we ever take our product to market, we do thorough R&D testing, that in many cases may take years to perfect. Why we do this is quite simple… All of our products must meet 100% consumer satisfaction. Nothing is better, safer than or as cost effective as using enzymes.
    Our products are 99% organic. Unfortunately our stabilizers (with stabilizers, our products can stay on the shelf for years) are synthetic. Synthetic products are not recognized as organic by the OMRI. (Organic Material Review Institution).
    What do we sell?
    We are selling products that are effective, cost efficient and environmentally friendly.
    Our solution? Use all-natural enzymes!
    What are enzymes?
    Read up about enzymes HERE.

    Birdbath Protector
    Fountain Protector
    Hydroponic Reservoir Protector
    Plant Protector
    Diatomaceous Earth
    Goat Protector
    Horse & Trough Protector
    Bed Bugs House, Apartment & Mattress Protector
    Odor & Stain Remover

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