Need To Find Gender

By brahama26 · May 13, 2012 · ·
  1. brahama26

    I was wondering if anyone could figure out the gender for my one light brahama. It's only a few days old- got him yesterday- it is a very plump chick, so he may look like a rooster...[​IMG]

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  1. Alphabetcoop
    If you pull the wing out and take a look at the flight feathers you can sex the chick. If all the feathers are the same length then you have a rooster, if you have two lengths of flight feathers then you have a hen. Google "how to sex baby chicks." There is lots of info on this, videos etc. I used this method and have picked them correctly for what I wanted. Good luck. Do know that you can only sex them this way if they are 2-4 days old.

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