Neils Feeder Made From Metal Air Duct And A Flower Pot

A fantastic chicken feeder made out of a metal air-duct and ceramic flower pot!
By neilgal · Jan 11, 2012 · ·
  1. neilgal
    I used metal air duct and flower pot to build my feeder.


    Part list

    One, 7 in diameter by 4 feet long duct.

    Two, 7 in diameter duct elbows.

    One, 7 in diameter duct cup.

    One, 1/4" by 10" hang rod.

    Chain and hook

    Four, brackets to mount the bowl.

    One, Plastic flower pot.

    Eight, sets of machine screws washers and nuts to connect the brackets to the bowl and the duct.

    Eight, self taping metal screws to secure duct joints.

    At this point the assembly is very simple all the duct parts made to fit in to each other, I had to secure the joints with the self taping screws.

    Then I drilled two holes in the top part of the 4' duct section and slide the hanging rod through.

    Next I drilled four holes in the bowl and in the bottom of the duct, I made sure that the bottom of the duct will be at list 1-1/2" below the top of the bowl and mount them together with the brackets ant the machine screws sets.

    Great I almost done, I cut the chicken wire to the desire size an hang the feeder with chain to the top of the pen.


    I used a lid to prevent moister and animals get in the food.

    It has a capacity up to 75 LB.

    Easy to fill up there is no need to bend over or get inside the pen, just pour it from the top.

    I bent the brackets to fit in the space .

    I used chain to hang it .

    Inside the lid, I keep record of refill .


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  1. ronott1
    "good article"
    4/5, 4 out of 5, reviewed Aug 23, 2018
    Nice Build!
  2. The Farmers' Daughter
    "Great idea."
    4/5, 4 out of 5, reviewed Jul 27, 2018
    I totally forgot that furnace pipehas a crimped end, so fitting together doesn't require a connector. This seems even easier than PVC!
    Diannastarr likes this.
  3. Anonymous
    "Great plan pic!"
    4/5, 4 out of 5, reviewed Jul 22, 2018
    Fab plan pic to start with and I love the list of what is required. Nice clear pics.
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  1. rmickelson44
    Awesome Idea. Can I ask with all the food you put in there does any of it get mold either in the tube or pot?
  2. Diannastarr
  3. Diannastarr
  4. CharMac76
    Very Nice! I like being able to fill the feeder from outside the run. I may try something similar.
  5. familypendragon
  6. BubbaDman
    nothing beats simplicity, awesome set up.
  7. GrannyRae
    I live in northwest Florida and we keep a high humidity (90's) all the time. Do you have any problems with your feed in the flower pot getting moist and solid, then preventing any fresh from moving down? Also, have you experienced any mold or moisture in the tube?
  8. Light maran
    that is ausome
  9. iHeartMyHens523
    Amazing! Where did you get that idea?! I am totally going to try that!
  10. bruceha2000
    Great idea, especially with a coop that is not easily entered by human sized creatures.
    It looks like you actually used a reducer and the upper elbow is a slightly smaller diameter. I'm assuming that is a "I had it on hand" thing but the parts list was a "if you have to buy all the parts" list.
  11. raygirl4386
    thats a good idea!!! my hubby does HVAC for a living, so i have tons of that stuff in our basement all ready
  12. LittleSticks
    Great design! I can find all of these parts at a recycle store so that will keep the cost very low. Thanks for sharing.
  13. Srucon
    Now that is awesome!
  14. AmyLM
    wow thats cool! Now I know how im going to set mine up in the barn. ;) THANKS!
  15. lucyboo
    ive never thought of that!!!!! AWESOME! ill have to talk my dad into building that hahahahahaah thanx for sharing.
    God bless!!!!!
    <3 kelsey

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