The Cute, Cute Chicken Coop
This is the product of a visit from our city Animal Control Officer informing us that we were illegal chicken ranchers and not in complaince with the New City Chicken Ordinance . Well the short of the story is that I was going to have to move my current coop & run to meet the new set back rules. To my wife this was good news since she wasn't fond of my orginal coop, it was just too big and kind of rough. So since I was going to have to rebuild why not make a real cute coop, fitting of the eight ladies that are going to reside in it. So after doing the Tour de Coop for our local Community Garden my wife came up with what she wanted me to build so here it is.

This is my original non-compliant coop

This is me framing up the walls


All framed up ready for the paint

Our Coop is just a basic cube 5' x 5' x 5', With the new set back rules that the city put into effect that is about all I could build and not tear out any concrete. There are windows all the way around that will swing open when needed. Trimed the outside similar to the old craftsman style of a home. Vinyl soffit & facsia, with a nice architchal shingle for the roof. The run is 8' x 9' sitting on cinder blocks buried in the ground, the whole run is covered with a hanging feeder. Now that it is all done my 6 year old daughter wants it for her playhouse. All I can say is sorry punkin it for the birds. As you can see the old coop is still around waiting for someone to come buy it from me. I hope!
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