Neosho Missouri Chicken Ordinance

Are Chickens Allowed in this locationYes
Max Chickens Allowedunknown
Roosters AllowedNo
Permit RequiredNo
City/Organization Contact nameNeosho, MO City Hall (417)451-8050
Additional InformationSECTION 210.010: RUNNING AT LARGE-GENERALLY No person shall permit any horse, mule, mare, jack, jenny, colt, swine, sheep, bull, goat, steer, cow, heifer, calf or other animal or domestic fowl to run at large upon the streets, alleys, public places or public commons, within the limits of the City. (Code 1962 §5-1; CC 1979 §6-1; Ord. No. 892 §1(5-1), 4-1-75) SECTION 210.020: RUNNING AT LARGE-ON PRIVATE PROPERTY No person owning, controlling or in possession of any animal described in Section 210.010 of this Chapter shall allow or permit such animal to run at large upon, over or across the lot, garden or enclosure of another, to his/her damage and annoyance. (Code 1962 §5-2; CC 1979 §6-2; Ord. No. 892 §1 (5-2), 4-1-75) SECTION 210.060: KEEPING CERTAIN ANIMALS PROHIBITED No person shall keep or harbor any animals or fowl in such number or in such close proximity to the dwelling place of another that the same shall become offensive, noisome or disagreeable to the community in which the same may be located. (Code 1962 §5-8; CC 1979 §6-8; Ord. No. 892 §1 (5-8), 4-1-75)SECTION 210.070: KEEPING FOWL-ACCUMULATING MANURE IN FOWL PENS No person shall keep chickens, ducks, geese, turkeys, pigeons or other fowl in an enclosure which is less than fifty (50) feet from any dwelling, church or school, as measured from the exterior boundary of such enclosure, nor shall any person permit the accumulation of manure in any such enclosure. (CC 1979 §6-9; Ord. No. 892 §1 (5-9), 4-1-75)
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