Nervous for the arrival of my first chicks. Please help

By SiriSchantz · Oct 29, 2018 · ·
  1. SiriSchantz
    I have 2 silkie chicks from ideal poultry arriving friday. I have a brooder set up in a 5SqFt cardboard box lined with paper towels. I have a chick feeder with medicated starter feed and a waterer that they wont be able to fall into, and a heat 50w heat lamp. Here are my questions:

    -when should i add a roost? Can i give them a low roost (1-2in) from the start?

    -at what age (in days) should i switch them to pine shaving bedding?

    -should i expect the chicks to be friendly with each other? If not what can i do to help?

    -I dont think ideal poultry vaccinates their chicks. Is there somewhere i could take them to be vaccinated? Is it necessary?

    -should i get emerency supplies now for incase one gets sick or hurt? If so what?

    -ive never had chickens before but i have a dog and parakeets. Could my chicks get sick/parasites from other animals in the house? Because i havent had chickens before and no one living near me has, will my chicks be safer from illness?

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