Listen and discern who needs to lay. Soft voice and move slowly as you enter the HenHouse or Coop area.

- Sing! Be present as they explore potential spots to lay that you provide.

- See who is already in the favorite nest. Suggest another nearby cozy tapping, and drop in a bit of clean bedding.

- Back off and watch your Pullets tiptoe over to check it out. Sing!

- Adjust curtain if needed, and Repeat tap on the box. Ease away.

- Sing a soft Song as you leave to give them privacy. Check outdoor food and water situation, and go get coffee and finish breakfast!

- Listen within an hour for Egg Song or sounds of fussiness to monitor who laid what - and in which nest. Collect eggs, see who appears to be preparing to lay next, and put a dot by their name to help allocate _credit_ when you find mystery eggs!

- Note and circle a total for each day. This make your weekly and monthly Tally easy to count!

- Make a note of time, Chickie name and box # as you bring eggs inside.

- Color, double yolk, shell quality notes help too.

- At first, so your family can learn which birds are laying what color eggs they eat, use a sharpie to write a name on each egg when you are certain.

- Anomaly notes on the Egg Tally help too. Weird things can happen the first couple of weeks. Search this site to learn more about soft shells and chicken anatomy.
- Add a side source of calcium or switch to Layer Feed after the first Egg.

This is a daily part of my routine, and I enjoy it! Singing is good for the body, mind and spirit!

When the Laying activity has calmed down, I go scoop the Coop. Singing makes it fun, as it invites your Chickens to join you for Choir Practice. The girls will learn to sing along and develop their own voices. If someone sounds gruff or grouchy, she may need to lay - so tap a box and tiptoe out.

Here are some images of what goes on in our Henhouse in the morning. Enjoy your flock of egg producers! With a little morning light (ok to add a soft light 25-40 Watts to total 12 hours in the fall thier first year - if they are not molting ) - and with songs of encouragement, your girls can double the number of eggs you collect their first month of laying. A full ration of Layer Feed (before greens and snacks) will ensure a great start for the next day. Forget the Alarm...listen for: Buk buk buk BUK BaGAWK!