Nettex Nutri Drops? and Mycoplasma Gallisepticum

  1. Loren the koala
    Hi there,I have a poorly hen and I’ve got some nutri drops and I’ve given her some this morning but my question is how many times can I give her some in a day. It doesn’t seem to say.All it says is dose a min of 3 days and no more than 5 days.Can I give her more today or have to wait till tomorrow?

    The full story is 2 weeks ago I had a hen have to be put down due to a mycoplasma Gallisepticum.I brought her into the house in a pet carrier and tried to nurse her back to health.I was tube feeding her for 2 days.The vet prescribed Tylan for her and the other 3 hens and also she had ronaxan tablets as that’s all the vet had in stock to give her straight away.Unfortunately she didn’t recover at all and it was awful,she lost both her eyes and was unable to eat or drink on her own so I made the decision to end her suffering last Sunday.Now another of my hens is showing the same symptoms with foamy eyes and head starting to swell and refusing to eat and drink.I have dosed their water with Tylan again but I doubt it’s going to work as they were all on it before.I’m so worried that they all going to die from it now.I know they are all carriers for life now and that it can flare up at any time.Tonight I will bring her in and try to make her comfortable.I’ve been trying to syringe Tylan water into her every few hours and gave her nutri drops this morning.

    Pic of her just a couple of days ago eating hummus when she was fine.

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