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By 4hchicmom · Apr 12, 2012 · ·
  1. 4hchicmom
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    We received our chics today. My son Drew is in the 4-H program and we are doing the chic project. We got 12 barred rocks, and they gave us 2 long island reds for my other son. He was sooo excited, asked if they could put them in his room. So we are new to the chic field any hints or tips are greatly appreciated. Thank you.

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  1. Marengoite
  2. bcmom
    HI, I am a 4H Chick mother as well. My daughter will not get her chicks until the first of May; however, we went ahead and bought 6 chicks from the Tractor Supply Company yesterday to get some practice in since I have never had chicks before. We have 3 bantams and 3 red pullets. I already see personality differences between these 6. One of our cats has already shown an interest in the chicks so we have our hermit crab's lid on top of our chicks' box. I figured the hermit crab can do more damage to the cats than the chicks.
  3. soffeann1997
    Congrats! Keep food and water in front of them at all times and they will grow like crazy. Chicks are a very fun thing. Have fun and enjoy.

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