New babies in the Brood Box

By chazz0861 · Jun 21, 2019 · ·
  1. chazz0861
    I built a Brood Box for my new babies.
    I made it fairly large for the number of birds I got.
    4' X 8' X 2'.It did not take them long to get to loving it 20190620_141059[1].jpg 20190620_141111[1].jpg

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  1. N F C
    Can you share more details on how you built the brooder? Cute chicks!
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    1. chazz0861
      Actually I got the design from an article here in BYC I just made it larger for the number of birds.
      I made mine 4' X 8' X 24"
      Made the top out of 2" X 2" X 8'
      I was going to cover the top with hardware cloth but found that Chicken Wire was cheaper. It took less than a full roll of 2' X 50' with 1" mesh Chicken Wire to cover the top.
      3 Sheets of 15/32" Plywood
      13 - 2" X 2" X 8'
      and 1 Roll of 2' X 50' Chicken Wire.
      Brood Lamp and 250 Watt Heat Bulb

      I got 2 rolls of chicken wire for less than 1 roll of hardware cloth.
      At night I cover the box with a tarp leaving part of it open for ventilation.
      I have the Brood Box on a Word Document and will post it

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