The Baby Buff Orps​

Once again Rex is Daddy Hen. He came in from a hard game of playing ball and saw a box of new baby chicks and went right to work guarding. So, no, his tongue isn't hanging out and drooling because he thinks he's having chicken dinner."I'm just too cute for words - put me on a calendar."
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The new babies move outside in new pen. Of course Rex has a new job that he takes very seriously. 4 days old and having a ball in new pen.
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Dinner time.

The Welcoming Committee
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Yesterday (8/9/07) must have been one of those "Here's your sign" days. I had been driving around all day in 100+ temps trying to get my nephew registered in new school. Back and forth across town and out to the country where he lived for picking up clothes, etc. - up and down hills and curving country roads. By end of day my motion sickness was taking its toll. On final trip my husband was driving and we were stuck on country road waiting in traffic for, I kid you not, the one-light town's one-light. We were still a couple of dozen cars away from the light when I told my husband I had to get out of the car right then or I would be sick. I looked up to see if there was any place we could pull in/pull over. Don't you know it - there was a feed and seed store right beside us with a sign outside that said (you know what's coming next don't you) "Baby Chicks". I had never seen that store before and my husband said "There's no way they are still open" because it was almost 6 p.m. - well, guess what - they were not only still open they had just gotten a shipment of new baby Buff Orpingtons in. Even my husband took one look and said "Awwww go ahead and get some". I first picked three but he even said "You can't get an odd number" so I got four. Must have been one of those God things - you know, feed store with baby chicks appearing out of nowhere just about the time I'm about to be sick and jump out of car.
Well.....that's my story and I'm sticking to it.