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By byfarmer · May 16, 2014 · Updated May 16, 2014 · ·
  1. byfarmer
    This is my first batch of chickens, My friend and I got them from TS, two Golden leghorns, two Amber whites, the other 13 I don't recall, but have been told most likely white leghorns. The Golden & Amber said pullets on the bin, I got two of the other from a pullet bin. My friend bought all the rest two days later and was told it was a straight run( which I assume means your getting a mixed batch of whatever) ?

    At first we kept them in a water tank with a heat lamp.[​IMG]

    At what should be five weeks we moved them to an outdoor dog kennel. We totally enclosed this with chicken wire. Boards a crossed top on one end to help shield from rain. Used a extra large dog crate for their temporary coop. [​IMG]
    All seem quite happy. We stuck sticks through the corners to give them perches and they use the door to the crate to perch on as well. Muck from the goats give them something to scratch around in. This weekend we start on the permanent coop. Which is actually an addition that was added to the garage years ago. just need to reinforce it, add ventilation, and a floor. Also need a better door. Obviously we need to make perches and nesting boxes. Will add pictures as we make progress.

    We didn't do bad with the straight run, got 3 Roosters that gives us 14 hens. Any advice on Rooster/hen ratio?

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  1. PeckPeckChick
    Straight run means that roosters and hens are mixed together

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