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By Whatagarden · Feb 8, 2014 · ·
  1. Whatagarden
    After My husband and I moved from the city to a small country town, with a couple of acres, mostly in an over grown show garden. It was time for a new beginning for us. Before we had even brought a new property, I wanted to have a couple of chickens.
    We find the property that would give us a project or two, and that was an understatement. But it would also allow us to keep chickens.
    We now have 3 Hyline's raised from 2 day old chicks. These were going to be the only ones until I had the whole raising chickens thing under my belt...sure I was !!!!! After a visit to a orchard in a new by town, we saw they were selling chickens, although I wasn't intending to buy, they were not in very good conditions, and over crowded beyond what I thought was acceptable. So my Daughter picked two of the ones he thought were hens and we took them home. So our little flock numbers 5. It would be nice to know what breed our 2 rescues are, as well knowing for sure they are in fact girls. Oh my daughter aged 25 named our little ladies, and yes she takes after her father lol. The three Hylines are:
    The other two are:
    Sue Allen
    I would love to add some other breeds that I like, but happy to wait I am better suited for more.
    The girls love going down to the lower garden which is so over grown, we call it the jungle. I lock them in at night, but other than that they are allowed to free range, which until quite recently included the house. Here are some Photo's of my lovely girls. If anyone can enlighten me as to the breed of the bottom two, I would really love it. Thank you. .[​IMG]



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  1. Whatagarden
    Thanks For the information..Yesterday I noticed Bobbie (Australorp) acting strangely, so I looked up some information, and I can, I'm sure confirm Bobbie, should now be spelt Bobby!!!! I didn't really want a boy, until I had some more knowledge under my belt. Might have to find him a nice home.
  2. Rusalka
    The lovely black girl in the grass with the iridescent green and rusty red speckle is an Australorp. We have 3 of them. They are bossy, good solid layers, and we are yet to have one go broody in the last 3 years. Depending how much red she has, depends if she's a cross, but they usually have a good sprinkling on their chest and neck.

    Enjoy. Chickens are lots of fun.
  3. Whatagarden
    Thank you.. I know they are spoilt..Funny how quickly they can take over your life. Love to go walking around the property, birds in toe. They really do brighten up my days. Thank you for the information, I will look up that breed.
  4. crazyfeathers
    Beautiful chickens. I'm not that good at identifying chickens yet but the last one looks to be a polish mix. Your girls look happy and healthy.

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