My kids and I decide to hatch some chickens. I went on an extensive search to find the chickens that would be right for our family.
we live in town and have no fuzzy pets due to alergies. I love to garden and I heard chickens were great organic bug catcher but only the
small chickens with the feathered legs were more benifitcial then damaging. I discover Two types of chickens that met our needs. Silkies and cochins
As you can tell by the spelling, my children fell for the silkies. I contacted our local four H to find a farmer who raised the silkies and tried to buy some
eggs with no luck. So I decided to buy the eggs off of ebay. I was very impatiant and didn't want ot wait for the local eggs. I bought from two buyers and
that created a problem. They didn't ship on the same day. Ignorant as I was I began the hatching proccess with the first set of eggs right away.
Three days later I added the second set of eggs. Those of you who have hatch know what problems this can cause. Sadly I only hatch one adorable
little chick, fluffy. Well, Fluffy couldn't be alone, so I went to the local farmer and bought a banny chick for $1. They were so happy to see each other and
made friends. I think fluffy thought our little banny only a week older as her mother. Now our chicks are three and four weeks old. I made them a great
outdoor brooder box which I only use during the day and now I need to make them a coop. The backyard is starting to fill up with visiting dogs and cats
and I am worried about the chick being safe.
that is all for now