Recently, I have gotten four new chicks and two are Buff Orpingtons and the next pair is White Runner and Barred Rock. The White runner we had decided to call by many names... Strangely, (even I think) I had decided to call the white one "TidyWhitey" the Barred Rock one is "ZIggy" and the other two... well one is bigger so that one we call "Big Bird" and the next which is smaller is "Astroid".
we definitaly want to eat big bird!!! Big bird is the same age as every other chick we have in this group but Big bird is HUUGE! big bird will hopefully make good eggs and good meat!!! HMMMMM!!!!

I have decided to call these chicks "the Scratch family" I dunno they are more peckish than my other chicks and they peck on EVERYTHING let me tell you!
I was drinking a glass of milk outside and then I went inside to use the bathroom and when I came back my chicks where drinking my milk!!
The next time my mom set our dog outside to eat steak leftovers, when the dog was finished there was still a tiny bit of meat on the bone, when we returned to pick up the trash the chicks where eating the meat of the bone!
They took a dust bath in our flower pot when there where plenty of other places to do a dustbath!
they ate potatoes!!!

That's it for today... I will probably post more of my chicks sometime tomorrow.